What they say



What They Say

Dear Joo Li,

I hope you this testimonial!

I have been going to Joo Li in Beauty Horizon for 10 years now.  In these 10 years, she has become a dear and trusted friend. I look forward to my facial every month because it’s my place of rest and sanctuary! Joo Li has been taking care of my skin through all its ups and downs, breakouts, climate changes, and sunburns! I completely trust her and the products she uses.  I also did IPL hair removal for my armpits and the results were great! She never pressures me to do any treatment I am not comfortable with, and always lends a listening ear and gentle prayer.  Many people tell me I look much younger than my actual age, and I give credit to Joo Li and how she takes care of my skin.

Sue Anne 🙂

I used to have lots of little bumps on my face and these oil clots would turn into acne very easily. My skin was dull and lack of moisture despite regular facial. When I first met Joo Li, she asked me what do I want to achieve for my skin and I am very surprised as this is the first time a beautician asked me this question. My ex-beauticians would just comment on my face and did not ask my opinion at all. After going to her for a couple of sessions and following her recommended process and products, I see great improvement in my skin. My skin feels smoother and moisture and the chance of getting acne break-out was reduced drastically. Even my family members exclaimed to see my skin glowing without any make up on. If my friends were to ask me to recommend a beautician, I will not hesitate to recommend Joo Li from Beauty Horizon. “

From Kitty Lim

I used to have oily T-zone and tired complexion. I have tried many different facial products but nothing seems to be able to control my oily T-zone. I never go for any facial as I felt an hour or two of facial a month is not going help my condition.

My ex-colleague – Y, would pester me to try out her beautician – Joo Li Y is a typical Chinese Indonesian with the perfect porcelain skin that every girl would want to have. “So how good can her beautician be”, I thought. But Y has been going to Joo Li for over 10 years.

After much persuasion, I decided to give Joo Li a try over a year ago. The first session was superb; I remembered it lasted a good 3 hours. At that time I thought my complexion must be really bad that Joo Li had to spend so much time on me. On the other hand, I totally enjoyed the session – there was cleansing, numerous masks, facial and shoulder massage and many more. Joo Li was also very knowledgeable in her products and procedures, she would enthusiastically explain each cream and procedure she is going use on me, which is good. Her two assistants are also very good natured and polite.

After going to Joo Li for about a year and using the products recommended by her, my skin is no longer oily; make up also stays on better and longer. Few months ago, I did E-lite to remove my freckles; it was a little ugly at first but the scalp dropped off within a couple of days and now my skin is totally cleared of the freckles.

Recently, I met up with one of my girlfriends whom I have not seen for awhile. She commented that I look younger and my skin is more radiant. She too has now become a customer of Beauty Horizon.

I would recommend Beauty Horizon to anyone who wants to have beautiful skin.

From Vivien Low

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