Oxygeneo Super Facial

All Skin Type


  1. OxyGeneo increases the oxygen supply in the skin through the BOHR effect.
  2. Microdermabrasion cleans the skin and removes keratinisation.
  3. Vital active ingredients are only released and absorbed into the Oxy-Pods upon skin contact.
  4. TriPollar radiofrequency stimulates the fibroblasts to build up connective tissue (collagen, etc.).
  5. Ultrasound opens the skin and simultaneously introduces trans- dermal serums.

Approximately from the age of 25 onwards, our skin starts to become visibly older. As a result of UV light and the loss of moisture and nutrients, the connective tissue (collagen, elastin, etc.) decreases more rapidly. The unique treatment concept of our Geneo works in a coordinated way to prevent the fast process of skin aging.

Oxygeneo Clinical Result

For All Skin Types

A combination of 5 functions in one device designed for all skin types to help achieve the perfect smooth healthy skin.


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