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Ella Bache

Ella Bache from France

  • 1929 Discovered properties of the food credits for the skin.
  • 1930 Launching of first hot wax in Europe: MY EPIL, presented in a cassolette to make heat on the gaziniËre or the stove.
  • 1936 Introduction of the AHA in cosmetic: Cream Tomato
  • 1941 With years in advance on the cosmetic regulation, it is the first to put the composition on its products.
  • 1952 First world: Invention of cold wax in bands ready with employment MY EPIL
  • 1958 First products using Allantoine and Omegas 3: CREAM INTEX
  • 1979 First world: introduction of the Hyaluronic acid in cosmetic, reserved until there for the ocular surgery
  • 1998 First use of Quinoa in cosmetic: line RADICAL WRINKLES
  • 2006 The Mark celebrates its 70 years
  • 2008 The NUTRIDERMOLOGIEÆ, science of the care of the exclusive skin
  • Ella BachÈ becomes a registered trademark
  • 2009 Innovation prize for the CREAM FOR a MINE ENCHANTED with the tomato bio and first biological food complement
  • Beautiful Mine with tomato. Introduction of the juice of starts-up germinated into the Receipt of Beauty ESPRESSO men, first green fuel of the skin

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