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The Lamprobe

Treating skin lesions, blemishes and irregularities on skin has never been easier. The Lamprobe device allows for painless and efficient removal a variety of skin lesions, blemishes and irregularities. This non-invasive treatment offers immediate client satisfaction, with no blistering or down-time.


Based on radio wave and high frequency technology, the Lamprobe works on the principal of liquids being attracted to heat, released by various sized and shaped probes for the treatment of all types of different lesions. What distinguishes the Lamprobe from other devices, is the delicate yet sophisticated regulated intensity focusing on the lesion alone and not the underlying or surrounding skin.

The Lamprobe uses advanced technology for:

  • Vaporising epidermal lesions similar to a microwave current. To find out more – click
  • Liquifying hardened lipids that have formed beneath the skin enabling effective removal.
  • Drying out sebaceous or fatty lesions.
  • Thermo-coagulating vascular or blood lesions.

There are additional benefits:

  • The removal of unwanted hair, irrespective of colour
  • The reduction of lines and wrinkles using radio frequency in collagen induction therapy
  • The treatment and management of acne and problematic skin

Lamprobe Result

Removal Of Cherry Angiomas On Delicate Areas



Removal Of Seborrhoeic Keratoses Under The Eye



Removal Of Seborrheic Keratosis On The Forehead



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Using advanced technology of lamprobe device, it reduces wrinkles, lines, acne, unwanted hair and more.


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