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The way to perfect detoxification

Reap the benefits of Neera Detox* today. Here’s what many of our satisfied customers reveal:

• Lose 2-5 pounds safely and effectively in 3 days • Clears congestion • Improves functioning of the digestive tract • Eases chronic ailments like asthma & colitis • Strengthens the immune system • Achieves a clearer & more radiant complexion • Improves concentration & increases willpower • Improves sleep • Gains a sense of inner peace • Stronger nails and shinier hair • Increased energy and vigor • Reduced addiction to junk food • Motivated to adopt a healthier diet and exercise regime

* Individual results may vary

What is Neera Detox?

Neera Detox is undoubtedly one of the safest, most natural and effective weight loss plan. In today’s fast paced society, we are goal-oriented and desire to see results. Losing weight with Neera guarantees weight loss of 2-5 pounds in 3 days. With each pound you lose, you will be motivated to follow through and stick with the programme until you reach your ideal weight. In addition, each time you carry out Neera Detox, you become more selective about what you eat, making it easier to end junk food addiction..

Neera Detox is used by doctors to retrain the body and mind to develop healthier eating habits. It helps you to overcome cravings and develop will power and discipline so eating healthier becomes a natural process. Besides weight loss, experience an increase in willpower to help you focus and achieve success in every area of your life. There are several ways to incorporate Neera Detox into your life for lasting weight loss. If you carry out the Programme once a week, you’ll experience continuous benefits and weight management:

  • You will fast 52 days in one year.
  • If you normally eat a daily diet of 3000 calories, you will eat 127,400 fewer calories in one year.
  • You can lose up to 36.4 pounds in one year.

Neera Detox Ingredients

Neera Detox contains only all natural ingredients. No harmful additives, food preservatives, or potentially harmful herbal remedies or drugs are present. Thus, you can be assured only of being enriched with so many benefits. The all natural ingredients are completely safe to use for a periodic detox regime that effectively rids your body of toxic build-up.

Each ingredient works in concert with the others to stimulate your body’s natural cleansing process and to eliminate toxins.

Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup

Madal Bal Syrup is made from a special blend of organic tree syrup from the sap of 5 types of trees –4 rare Asian palm trees and the maple tree. This is pure organic syrup, vastly different from the maple syrup found in stores, which can be over 90% artificially synthesised from sugar and corn syrup.

A blend of pure grade C maple and wild palm syrup rich in potassium, calcium and zinc; the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup can be mixed with distilled water, fresh lemon juice and Cayenne pepper to make a delicious, refreshing Neera Drink. This is a perfect mix with all the necessary nutrients and compounds to support, detoxify and neutralise toxins during your Neera Detox Programme.

The Madal Bal Syrup contains natural plant sugars, providing the body with energy during your fast, which helps to satisfy hunger pangs. It contains 264 calories per 100 grams.

A typical daily intake of 10 glasses provides about 528 calories. The syrup is also rich in minerals such as potassium, manganese and zinc. The ratios of calcium to magnesium and sodium to potassium are almost ideal for the human body’s needs.

Neera Detox Programme

Whether you aspire to work up the corporate ladder or manage day-to-day affairs as a homemaker, Neera Detox understands the complexities of your life. In other words, flexibility matters when you are incorporating a detox plan/ programme to match your hectic lifestyle. Select a range of detox plans, from a 1-day regimen to a 10-day plan; all designed for you to experience its countless benefits.

How Much Does It Cost?

Neera Detox

Neera Detox Kit

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Inclusive of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup and Senna Tea and Cayenne Pepper

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Read what others are saying about the Neera Detox programme:

Radio DJ 100.3 Huang Wen Hong

” I went on Neera Detox because it is natural and there   are no side effects. It is safe, easy to follow and very effective. Even my   family and friends are on Neera! I find Neera very affordable and I didn’t   have to spend very much to achieve my weight loss and maintain it. I lost 7kg  safely only in 4 months and my weight is now stable and does not fluctuate. There   was no need for slimming pills or surgery to achieve my results. One of the   benefits since using Neera is my appetite has decreased which helps in   maintaining my weight. All my listeners and friends are amazed at how much   weight I lost in such a short time!” – Radio DJ 100.3 Huang Wen Hong

More Testimionals . . .

“I have tried several detox programs before ranging from The Master Cleanse to spending a week at The Farm in the Philippines. In my experience, no program is a good as The Neera Detox Program. During the last 18 months, I have completed two 10-day detox programs as well as some single or 3-day programs. The most significant observation about this detox program is the general feeling of peace and well-being that is instilled within the first 3-5 days and the marked improvement in your skin, nails and hair condition.

The added bonus is the weight loss that goes with it. Both times, I lost 4.5 kgs in 10 days and the feeling of being bloated disappeared. I work full time and what amazed me the first time was the increased mental clarity and alertness after the first 3 days. The Madal Bal Syrup is really special and all that time taken to formulate and perfect it was definitely worth the effort. Even though I was hardly taking in a lot of calories, I was more efficient in my day-to-day activities. During the second 10-day detox, I added a 30-45 minute rigorous daily walk and didn’t feel tired at all. I sleep so much deeper now and the results from each detox continues to inspire me to continue a healthy lifestyle. It feels great when people say I look so much younger. This program is one way to find that inner sanctum of peace and surety within yourself. A final tip – drink mint tea to relieve any headaches during the second or third day of the detox.”- Minal, Hong Kong



Back in January 2008 this year I had the pleasure of fasting for 10 days On the Neera product. I was very comfortable with not eating food for that time as the tonic allowed me to be nourished and not hungry at all. I have never fasted for over a day in the past and have allergies to Dairy and Wheat so have also found it hard to find any product that I can use that fits my dietary restrictions. I did not have any strong toxic challenges whilst on the fast but certainly it felt very positive being able to rest my digestive system from coffee, Alcohol and foods that may put stress on my body to process. I will most certainly use Neera again in the future and would recommend it to anyone that wants to rest their body and detoxify their system. – Vivienne Halliwell Christchurch NZ



“Thanks for introducing this detox programme. I have been on several detox programmes like the apple detox and cabbage soup detox but after trying yours, I am totally hooked on it! Your maple syrup drink tastes really organic! During my first detox, in just 3 days I lost 2 kg. The most wonderful thing is my bloaty tummy condition is prominently improved! I have irregular meals which results to bad intestinal problems, and detoxifying with this lemon detox programme really helps. Currently, I’m still on the drink. I feel more energetic and healthier! Thanks!” – Delia Mar, Singapore



“Neera Detox changed my life! I’ve tried all kinds of diets and have been going to the gym for the past four years religiously, and nothing has worked so rapidly to help me lose unwanted inches the way Neera Detox has. The past two months, I have done two 3-day Neera Detox programmes and done the relaxed version at night – I’ve lost five kilos and maintained it. I’m now 68 kg and I don’t think I’ve ever been this weight since my teenage days! I’m in the fashion industry, and clothes are my passion – now they hang on me so well. With past diet plans I use to feel tired and grumpy just to keep the weight off. Fasting with Neera is different; it was about losing weight at the start, but fasting has taken on a whole new meaning – it’s not all about weight loss now but getting my body in shape from the inside out and weight seems to come off naturally. I don’t remember feeling this sort of vitality: my energy level has gone up a lot… Since Neera Detox, I have been able to move my bowels daily. It is a miracle for me! Since my fast, I started to eat healthier – I’ve introduced eating brown rice daily, my skin is glowing, I have lots of energy and focus to get things done. Thumbs up!” – Brandon Goh , Singapore



“Today I started my detox programme. Let me tell you the taste of that drink is fantastic…nothing that I have imagined it will be. It tastes great, like ice lemon tea with a pinch of spiciness to it… In short, it’s TANGY, SPICY and REFRESHING…love drinking it cold. Thanks & cheers!” – Alfa , Singapore



“Being an advocate of detoxification and trained by the late Dr Bernard Jenson, I have been prescribing detoxification for 20 years to my patients for weight loss, internal cleansing and healing. The Neera Detox was given to me as a gift and not knowing what to expect, it came as a nice surprise. At the start of my fast, I drank a glass of Neera once every 2 hours throughout the day. I felt no hunger at all. I weighed 128.5 pounds at the start of the fast and in 1 day – my weight went down to 125.5 pounds! At the end of the fast, on the 4th morning, I weighed 123.5 pounds! I’ve lost 5 pounds in 3 days. I have to add that I did do a colema (colon cleansing) each morning with the programme. I’m very satisfied with the results. I must say Neera Detox was a very good experience and very easy to do.” – Dr. Jannie Chew, Naturopath, Malaysia



“Knowing how food ‘comforts’ my state of being, I’ve always been afraid to abstain. I just didn’t think I’d be able to handle going without food beyond 24 hrs. Yet, surprisingly, hunger pangs weren’t really a problem on the Neera Detox programme. I noted before I launched into my 4-day programme that I felt overweight, tired, listless and achy. Surprisingly, by Day Four of the programme, I was looking and feeling pretty terrific. I lost around 3 kilos over the 4 days. My husband commented that my skin was “glowing” – that I looked “brighter”. I definitely felt rested and calm within myself, and I without question had energy to burn… Each day I worked at my computer, alternating between a glass of Neera Drink and a glass of filtered water. Around noon, I’d don shorts and sweat jacket and take my dog on a 5 km jog. Afterwards, I’d scrub my body down, head to toe, with a loofah followed by a luxuriating hot bath. I’d then put on some meditation music, stretch out on the bed and snooze for about an hour. Now that I know the Neera Detox programme works for me, that the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup drink is quite refreshing on the palate and relatively easy to prepare each day, I’m going to attempt a 10-day fast to monitor the benefits of a lengthier detoxification period. The biggest boon from this experience is that I CAN do it. That fasting using the Neera Detox kit does not have to be a daunting experience.” – Catherine P. Rollins, Director, Natural-Progesterone-Advisory-Network.com



“I suffer from severe acne, and my skin improved a lot! Hardly, any acne appears after each detox. After the first 7-day detox, my weight went down to 85kg. In the past, I tried many types of diets, even exercises to reduce my big tummy, but nothing helped. I was so happy with the results that I did another detox after a week break and followed by another after the next month. The weight loss was dramatic, and I never felt this much energy in a long time. I’m now more careful about what I eat, no more greasy food. Another positive benefit I experienced is my hair stopped falling out – no need for hair tonic after my detox! Another great thing is the weight doesn’t come back! Statistics before Neera Detox: 18 August 2004 
Height: 173 m 
Weight: 90 kg 
Waistline: 104 cm 
BMI: 30.1%. Here are my statistics after 8 months and 3 Neera Detox programmes: 
Weight: 79 kg 
Waistline: 97cm 
BMI: 26 %. – Rick Toh, Singapore



“My friends and colleagues have noticed the visible weight loss in me lately after I have been using Neera to detox for only a 4-day period. They have asked me what my secret is. So, I’ve been explaining to them about the benefits of ridding your body of accumulated toxins from years of poor eating habits through using a natural method like Neera, which comprises of only natural ingredients, and not pill formulas. Some of them, being convinced from the results they have seen in me, have made the decision to try it out too! Immediately, my colleague asked to have a set of it, as she wanted to shed some unwanted pounds. And just after a 3-day detox over the recent Vesak weekend, she came back–with visible weight loss–which wowed even more of the people who come into contact with her! She has literally become a walking testimony that Neera works –and effectively too!… The best thing I like about Neera is not only that it helps me to get my weight back towards my healthy BMI range, but more importantly, it cleanses my internal body system from all the toxins that have been building up over my years of careless eating. I won’t hesitate to recommend Neera to anyone who is seriously thinking about wanting to turn their life and health around for the better.” – Joyce , Singapore



“The Neera Detox has been transformational for me in many areas. Fasting with Neera is easy to do and prepare. And the good thing is – it tastes refreshing and delicious, definitely a plus when doing a fast. My job entails entertainment several days each week – this means rich foods and alcohol. After my first fast with Neera, I became more conscious of food choices; eating healthier and cutting down on alcohol was a natural progression. What I also noticed after three sessions of Neera Detox, I became much calmer – my temperament improved tremendously! I used to experience fatigue, but now I feel more energized and actually require less sleep. In fact, I sleep very soundly now. Fasting has developed my willpower and mental clarity, which has helped me a lot in accomplishing tasks. On the whole, fasting with Neera has been an enriching experience for my mind, body and emotions.” – Mica Tee, Regional Marketing Manager, Singapore



“Thanks for a great product! I had apprehensions about going on a three-day fast (can’t imagine not eating for three days – thought I’ll die). Need to go on diet to lose weight, doctor’s orders (and my wife’s orders). Here’s my Neera Detox experience: Day 1: Friday morning, got up…ugh no coffee – nothing, no wake up call. Had Neera Drink. I had it cold, and to my surprise it wasn’t so bad; it actually tasted quite nice. Carried bottles to office, because of work, it kept my mind off the fact that I had no food. Time passed by quite fast, I survived not eating! Day 2: Saturday, day off. I felt hungry but it was more psychological than physical hunger. I drank Neera Drink to keep full. Went out window shopping to distract myself from food. By night time, I’m amazed that I can carry on without food. Day 3: Sunday, last day of fast, must carry on. Drank more Neera Drink and water to keep feeling full. Just one more day to go. Day 4: Monday – I can finally eat, checked the scales – lost 3 kilos! No bad at all for a 53-year old. I feel my insides have been flushed clean the last three days. I would highly recommend to friends who want to lose weight and see results. Now, I’m on a 3-day a month Neera Detox regimen until I reach my ideal weight.”
 – Vincent Kuek, Accountant , Singapore



“When I first did the Neera Detox programme, my weight was 76kg and waistline was about 109, and after completing the programme, now I weigh 72kg and waistline went down to 102! It was a very wonderful feeling to be able to achieve that in only 10 days of detox. Not only that, now I’m much more careful of what I’m eating and frankly speaking, I had tried many other ways of trying to lose weight but it just didn’t work for me. With Neera Detox, it was excellent because I’m able to control myself of the hunger pangs and not feel sick about it at all. Now, I’m even looking forward to my next detox during this fasting month. I definitely give thumbs up for this Neera Detox should anyone want to try it. Not only you can lose weight faster, but the cleansing symptoms are very minimal.” – Norza B., Singapore



“The Neera Detox was my first experience with detoxing. I was skeptical at first about all the benefits an internal cleanse could bring. I must add that it was more than a health experience, and a certain discipline is also required that has been both strengthening and empowering. On a physical level, the results were dramatic. I lost 3kg, my skin glowed and I actually felt revitalized and energetic. The first day was tough, but it was worth the results. I’d had stubborn pigmentations on my arms for over 6 months and that was one of the determining factors that compelled me to see if the Programme could clear toxic build-up under the skin. By the first day, my pigmentation turned red as if they were fresh bruises, and by the second day it was pink and began to fade. On the third day, one mark completely vanished. I was amazed at the result!” – Wennye Foo , Singapore



“I went on the Programme for 5 days as a trial. I felt wonderful during and afterwards. Felt healthier, lighter and even slightly slimmer, but definitely more conscious of the food I ate. It is a good cleansing programme now and then, and if it knocks off some weight – much better. Am definitely going on it again soon.” – Ellen Tham , Singapore



“It takes some getting used to, but it’s really effective and it works. I feel a lot healthier even just after a three-day trial. And while it’s tempting to fall back into old eating habits, you’re now more aware of what you eat and drink. It certainly brought a psychological factor into my dietary routine, and I want to continue using this product continually. I feel clean, even the sweat from sporting activity feels “clean”. Love it.” – David Lim , Singapore



“The Neera Detox was a real eye opener for me as someone who is absolutely phobic when it comes to food deprivation. Not only was I not weak or lethargic, I actually hardly had any hunger pangs. The only obstacle was trying to curb my greed for the taste of food, but otherwise, my body and stomach felt fine thanks to the nutrients from the drink. I was energetic and in good spirits all the time. Also, as a person who is not a regular toilet-goer, it felt good to have my digestive system all cleaned out as I was going to the loo on a regular basis. It was fantastic. The best part is I have a newfound appreciation of the kinds of foods that I put into my body – only healthy stuff for me from now on!” – Claudette, writer, Singapore



“I heard from a friend that the Neera Detox can help me lose weight and I did it for 4 days. My weight was 54 kg before I started and lost 3kg when I weighed myself on the fifth day. I’ve repeated the Neera Detox twice the past 6 months and have maintained my weight at 51.5 kg. My advice is to follow a healthy diet plan and the weight will not come back. This comes quite naturally after the detox – it changes the way I now eat. It is a great weight loss plan for anyone who is struggling to lose weight.” – Geraldine Ng, Singapore “The Neera Detox helped me lose weight, 3 kg in 4 days. Before the detox, I suffered from constipation but now, two months after completing the Programme, I visit the toilet at least once a day. I’m doing my next detox soon!” – Siao Hong



“I was introduced to Neera Detox by a friend. There was a big change in my friend’s complexion, weight loss and glow on the face, so I decided to do the programme myself for 8 days. During my second day, I was having headaches and I vomited, but that made me feel much better. From the third day onwards, I started feeling good and refreshed. I lost a total of 2kg, and I have decided to eat healthy. Thanks for bringing in this wonderful product for better living.” – Jasmine Tan , Singapore



“The Neera Detox Diet really changes the way you think about food and the things you put into your body. I tried it for 4 days. The plan was easy to follow – I made a big batch of the Neera Drink and carried it around with me. I drank whenever I felt hungry, and that kept me satisfied. The Drink is really tasty and refreshing, so drinking it is no problem. The first day was fine, the second day was difficult because I felt slightly rotten, but I attribute that to the fact that the toxins were being released!! The Senna tea didn’t suit me (I got terrible cramps and stomachaches after drinking it) and so I was advised to stop and had no further issues. The third and fourth days, I felt really refreshed, energetic, and rejuvenated, and that was a nice feeling.” – C.P Ong, teacher, Singapore



“I tried out the Neera Detox for 3 days. It was extremely difficult to ride through the first and second days; I suffered from headaches and was extremely low on energy as the toxins were being emitted from my body. Plus I had to re-condition the way I usually would eat – no easy feat to deal with it all at once! By the end of the third day, my body finally adjusted to the liquid diet, and I began to feel much better – more alert and energetic than the previous 2 days. My advice for first-timers like me would be to make sure you do not have to do anything important for the first 2-3 days (because you won’t be able to concentrate!) so that you can actually get plenty of rest and sleep, and maximise the detoxification process. Also, try to avoid social eating occasions during that period so that you will not be tempted to give up at your weakest stage. I recommend resting at home with lots of good movies and lots of sleep – it will make the time go by quicker! Once you get past the third day, you’re on a cruise and it will be much easier to do it for longer. Anyone looking to drop 5 lbs (which I did in 5 days!) whilst cleansing the toxins from an overworked body, would highly benefit from Neera.” – Michele Guai , Singapore



“Recently I did the 10-Day Version, my first-ever fast of more than 36 hours. I managed to complete the full Programme in spite of mild headaches and leg cramps every morning for the first 4 days and frequent hunger pangs. Nobody’s more surprised than I am – must say it was astonishingly easy to go without solid food for almost 2 weeks (including the recovery). Coming from a food addict, that’s saying something. The very yummy Neera Drink might have something to do with it :-).

The problems came from taking only the minimum 6 glasses of the Neera Drink daily, but once I increased my consumption to 8 glasses daily, the headaches, cramps and hunger pangs mostly disappeared. The rest of the detox was a breeze. One note of caution, though, from experience: don’t skip the Senna Tea!

I lost about 5 kg of which I’ve put on only 2 after 6 weeks of gluttony. Other benefits include a feeling of lightness during the fast, a glow in my skin (comments from friends) – and a strong resolution to repeat the Programme regularly!” – Vinay Kumar Rai, writer, Singapore

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