The ONLY health functional drink in the World that makes you feel, look healthier and actually biologically* younger!


From Japan, Lumine is an advanced nano-formulated health & beauty functional drink with 16 years of anti-aging life science research & development. Targeting at inner health repair and recovery especially the detoxifying of blood, cleansing of artery and boosting of heart health.

LUMINE® PERFECT HEALTH is the #1 best-selling anti-aging product in Japan for 7 years running.

Each 15gm sachet of LUMINE® PERFECT HEALTH packs a punch of powerful anti-oxidiant ProAnthocyanins (PAC) extracted from more than 12 different types of organic fruits weighing more than 25kg, fermented for 100 days. LUMINE® PERFECT HEALTH has an organically natural sweetness that keeps you coming back for more and more!

*Proven by Japan Ministry of Health & Labor Welfare-approved Accelerated Plethysmography (APG) cardiovascular test. 90% chance of at least 5 years biologically younger in 3 to 6 months. Based on recommended consumption program of product with a sensible diet and regular exercising.


The active ingredients found in LUMINE® PERFECT HEALTH has been shown to be nutritionally supportive for maintenance and enhancement of normal healthy endogenous fibrinolysis, the dissolution of the essential portion of the blood clot of thrombus

Drinking 1 glass of LUMINE® PERFECT HEALTH everyday can potentially help you to . . .

  • Fight free radical and prevent cell damage.
  • Remove filthy deposits accumulated in your arteries
  • Promote artery flexibility and heart health
  • Detoxify your blood to enhance blood circulation
  • Replenish vital active substances that keeps your organ functioning
  • Delay aging of outer appearances
  • Reduce need for medication
  • And many more…

How to drink?

LUMINE® PERFECT HEALTH is recommended to drink continuously for 5 days to promote activation of repair and replenishment of key active substances and rest for 2 days to encourage biological

Drink In The Morning: Deep Cleansing Of Arteries Everyday

Because LUMINE® PERFECT HEALTH understands how your biological body works, drink in the morning before breakfast for optimal health and beauty benefits. It ensures vital nutrients and anti-oxidants are delivered to the whole body when it is most receptive and blood circulation the fastest.

Drink At Night: Burn Excessive Fats While You Sleep

Drink in the evening before bedtime for optimal beauty and diet burning benefits. Although our body comes to rest but it is also the busiest time for our body as it concentrates on self-repairing the day’s work while HTC™Collagen combined with L-Carnitine accelerates our body fats burning process even while you sleep.

Each program should be at least 3 months depending on personal health conditions. People with prolonged adverse state of health are recommended at least 6 to 12 months program.


How Much Does It Cost?

Retail Price $249.00

One box with 20 sachets for a month supply.

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