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Our Services


  • Skin Toning & Firming,
  • Face Rejuvenation
  • Acne Scar Reduction
  • Pigmentation
  • AHA treatment
  • Deep cleansing treatment
  • Oxygenating treatment
  • Pigment Spot & Skin Tag Removal
  • Whitening & lifting treatment

Eye Care

  • Eye Bags reduction
  • Dark Circles reduction
  • Upper Eyelids lifting


  • Cellulite & Contour treatment
  • Fat Freeze

Hair & Other Services

  • Permanent hair removal
  • Skin & Face treatment
  • Body treatment

In-House Acne Signature Treatment

Signature Treatment A

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) for Acne Cure & Scar Skin

CIT is the top of line on the market today. This procedure is easy, painless and extremely effective. CIT provides fast improvement for skin concerns such as fine lines, blemishes and acne scarring, stretch marks, enlarged pores, age and sun damaged spots.

Signature Treatment B

Oxygeneo Therapy for Tired Dull Skin

Geneo is a worldwide unique platform with an innovative treatment concept. It consists of several powerful technologies to actively promote the natural regeneration processes of the skin from outside and inside without damaging the skin.

Our Brands

The brand that professionals trust. MT Metatron products are used by beauty care professionals at more than 5,000 esthetic salons and beauty clinics in Japan (as of 2018). MT Metatron products are also spreading worldwide, garnering attention in countries where beauty treatments and cosmetics are popular, such as China, Russia, the EU, and the ASEAN countries.

Formulated to be smooth and lightweight, AQUEA is a pearl-white sunscreen that spreads easily and gives a non-sticky, sheer finish to your skin. This sunscreen is blended with six powerful antioxidants such as pomegranate extract and green tea seed oil to keep your skin hydrated while brightening your complexion. AQUEA protects your skin against environmental aggressors and prevents premature skin ageing at the same time.



2 years ago I had an awful breakout on my neck. I had no idea what it was but there were many red bumps all around my neck, causing my skin to be itchy and painful at the same time. That was when my colleague recommended me to Beauty Horizon, as they managed to clear her acne breakout before.


I was originally quite scared as my skin was in a very bad state, and had not much confidence that it’ll recover, but the Beauty Therapists in Beauty Horizon were very patient and reassuring, and eventually my skin cleared up in less than 4 months! I have been continuing my facial with Beauty Horizon ever since, and every session has been very relaxing and comfortable. Thank You Beauty Horizon!

Jolin Tan

Been 6 months since my visit to Beauty Horizon and my skin progress is awesome! It was previously very much acne skin whereby I get a new one every other day. But only after a few sessions with Beauty Horizon, my skin improved tremendously. Every session left me with baby soft skin.


Therapists at Beauty Horizon are patient and really listens to every of My skin issues. They will analyse it before recommending any skin care or facial type.


Beauty Horizon customizes every step to suit my skin. Their skin care and make up products are the best because it’s make up which doesn’t clog my pores. Also first skin care product which I have used that can truly clear the blackheads off my nose!

Karissa Tan

Past 6 months has been a great experience for me. I was facing frequent break outs with acne issues as well as acne scars.


Beauty Horizon has not only taught me how to take good care of my skin but also each time I went for treatments, they ensured that I felt comfortable at all times and fast forward 6 months now, I could see a vast improvement in my skin.


They also have the best after treatment service – by guiding you step by step on which product to use and how to use in ensuring my skin is on the right route to recovery.


Definitely the best place to visit if you have acne issues! Highly recommended!

Zach Chiang

I have suffered from acne since I was 10 and I have tried everything – dermatologist prescriptions of Roaccutane and antibiotics, hormone pills, topical treatments from well-known clinics in Singapore etc. However, my acne always came back worse after stopping the oral medication and the topical creams always seemed to lose their effectiveness after 6 months or so.


I first came to Beauty Horizon a year ago when my skin was the worst (my face was infested with deep cystic acne). Joo Li the Beauty Advisor, whom serves me struck me as a different beauty consultant because she studies my skin very closely and recommended treatments and products according to my skin’s need. She recognises that as treatment progresses, so does my skin; so she will review the treatments and products whenever necessary. She is also very approachable and will always follow up after treatments to ask if my skin is comfortable / reacting well to treatment.


It’s been a year since I’ve started my treatments with Beauty Horizon and my skin has changed dramatically – it is not only clear of acne but it has also regained its natural glow and comfort (no more dryness / tightness / redness from dermatologist’s oral and topical treatments). I am really thankful to Beauty Horizon and will strongly recommend Beauty Horizon to anyone with problem skin.

Nicole Wong


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